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03/12/2019 | Pressrelease

Preliminary trade fair report for the Hannover Messe | April 1–5, 2019

Exhibit 4.0: LEWA is making it possible to get a custom 3D view of the inside of an Ecoflow model through AR visualization Ground Plane Detection makes it possible to position the pump in the room virtually  LEWA is revolutionizing its trade fair presence: The company from Leonberg, Germany has optimized its Augmented Reality (AR) app by adding a key feature to display the inner workings of pumps. The app was first used at Achema 2018. This means that Hannover Messe will mark the debut of an AR solution that lets the user visualize a pump model from the Ecoflow series. You can use a...
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02/01/2019 | Pressrelease

Metering of Silane - Cable insulation production

Different countries, different requirements: Customized pump technology enables precision silane metering in accordance with national guidelines –continuous process monitoring with variance analysis increases accuracy. How precisely silane can be metered during continuous plastics processing has a direct influence on the quality of the end product. This is why fast and precise control of the flow rate must always be guaranteed – even when different types of silane are being used for different products. LEWA GmbH from Leonberg, Germany, has a customer that faced this very challenge. The...
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01/25/2019 | Webnews

Sales launch of NIKKISO Non Seal canned motor pump models in accordance with EN ISO 2858

In order to even better meet the requirements of the European market, the reliable NIKKISO Non-Seal centrifugal canned motor pumps have been available also in accordance with DIN EN ISO 2858 since January 2019. As a first step, four sizes have been introduced. A further four models will follow in February 2019, with a total of 12 pump sizes available by the end of 3rd quarter of 2019. The compact and low-vibration NIKKISO canned motor pumps are mainly used for transfer and circulation tasks of highly flammable, explosive or toxic fluids. To durably withstand the high demands in refineries...
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01/13/2019 | Pressrelease

Diaphragm pump expert LEWA joins the Star Pump Alliance

The new information platform www.starpumpalliance.com for professional pump users has been making it easier to search for suppliers since June 2018. The Star Pump Alliance (SPA) is an information platform for professional pump users that was founded by companies from the pump industry offering various application technologies. It launched at ACHEMA 2018 in June. The goals of the SPA include offering users around the world a broad spectrum of pump technologies and making the pump search considerably easier, all while strengthening the positions of technologically innovative, independent,...
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10/19/2018 | Pressrelease

Chemical Injection Package enables MEG injection for extraordinary requirements on vibrations and noise emissions

Process safety thanks to leakage monitoring by means of radar technology By Yves Marinoff, Regional Sales Manager at LEWA GmbH The thirst for the coveted raw product of natural gas remains unquenched, despite the crisis in oil and gas. Each year, the global quantity of drilling platforms increases – their number has gone up by 25 percent in just the last seven years alone. In the course of this, locations in coastal regions or in the vicinity of animal nesting areas have also been developed. As a result, the pressure on manufacturers of platform components to adapt their products to...
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10/11/2018 | Pressrelease

Pre-announcement for GAT/WAT trade fair (October 23 - 25, 2018 in Berlin)

Cost-efficient solution for gas networks up to PN 16: New magnetically driven micro-metering pump odorizes volumes of up to 15,000 Nm³/h Reworked odor control simplifies integration and gas meter evaluation Industry experts speculate that the delivery of biogas, synthetic natural gas and hydrogen will increase significantly in coming years. Since, in the case of biomethane (as an example), development toward decentralized production in volumes of up to 15,000 Nm³/h is to be expected simultaneously, the use of appropriately dimensioned odorizing systems will also become essential. In order...
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09/24/2018 | Pressrelease

New face at the head of management

Tsunehisa Suita has been managing LEWA Group together with Stefan Glasmeyer and Dr. Martin Fiedler since September 1, 2018 Since September 1, 2018, a three-person group has been managing LEWA Group, a major pump and system manufacturer headquartered in Leonberg in the German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg. The previous CEO, Peter Wagner, is transferring to the American corporate group Cryogenic Industries, which became part of LEWA's parent company NIKKISO Co., Ltd. in August of 2017. In that position, he will be assisted by Hisanao Amino, who previously served as Wagner's Chief Financial...
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08/19/2018 | Pressrelease

Hygienic application in the food industry

Prevention of recontamination in powdered milk production for baby food: Process diaphragm pump ensures compliance with high hygiene standardsManufacturers of milk-based food for babies and small children have to uphold the highest purity standards in their products, as well as consistent quality and optimal process safety in the plant. There is significant risk of hygienically unsuitable system components recontaminating the end product. This is why there are strict standards regarding hygiene and material approvals for production systems. For even better compliance with these...
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08/11/2018 |

YMC to acquire pharmaceutical systems’ business from LEWA-NIKKISO group

YMC Co., Ltd. acquires the pharmaceutical systems business of LEWA-NIKKISO America Inc. LEWA remains key supply partner while YMC gains advanced downstream processing technologies and manufacturing site in North America. The acquisition complements YMC’s existing offering of chromatography columns, systems, services and consumables and allows YMC to strengthen its reach in North America and expand its global systems’ business. The transaction includes staff and assets dedicated to the development, manufacture and sales of batch and continuous HPLC, LPLC, SMB and buffer / caustic dilution...
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07/04/2018 |

LEWA Team at the Leonberg Citycourse (Leonberger Citylauf) | 30.06.2018

More than 1,500 participants took part in the 9th edition of the Leonberg City Course - thus, a new record number was set. Despite high temperatures, the LEWA team traditionally was among the starters and entered the race with 15 motivated participants. Seven of the LEWA runners started over 10 kilometers, 8 other participants started for the 5 kilometer course.Both tracks were demanding and required a lot from the participants – especially at high temperatures. Fastest runner of the LEWA group over 10 kilometers was Dominik Bast, with 00:44:25, Ralph Gommel finished with 00:23:25 the best...
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06/10/2018 |

After G comes Z: New performance rating of 15 kW added to diaphragm metering pump series

Made versatile by its modular design and numerous pump head variants Versatility thanks to its modular design: LEWA GmbH's Ecoflow series is suited for metering a wide range of fluids - even hazardous, toxic, abrasive, viscous or critical media. Now the German pump manufacturer has added another performance rating to its proven series: The new drive unit model, LDZ, which is designed for a hydraulic output of 15 kW, is intended to close the gap between the LDG (6 kW) and the LDH (20 kW) sizes. Just like the other models in the series, it can be used as a single or multiplex drive unit and,...
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06/06/2018 |

Continuing along the path of expansion - LEWA takes over global sales for NIKKISO Canned Motor Pumps

Introducing NIKKISO canned motor pumps in accordance with DIN EN ISO 2858. Since July 1st, 2016, the level of cooperation between LEWA GmbH, the pump specialist from Leonberg, Germany, and its parent company in Japan, NIKKISO Co. Ltd., has continued to increase substantially. The next step of this cooperation is represented by the gradual takeover of the global sales for NIKKISO Non-Seal canned motor pumps. This special pump design is primarily used for applications involving the transfer and circulation of critical—sometimes even flammable, explosive and/or toxic—fluids in the chemical and...
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05/29/2018 | Pressrelease

Achema trade show preview (June 11 to 15, 2018 in Frankfurt)

LEWA looks back on positive business development over the last three years. The past three years following Achema 2015 were a period characterized by several challenges for LEWA GmbH. The pump manufacturer was awarded contracts on many calls for tenders, both in the process industry and in the pharmaceutical sector—all while the market atmosphere worsened, most notably in the oil and gas sector. Despite the lack of industry growth, the company continued to make long-term investments and went ahead with an extensive expansion at the Leonberg factory site. LEWA plans to maintain this course...
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05/05/2018 | Pressrelease

LEWA receives a major order from the Far East

Powerful Forging: New Plunger Pump Head reaches pressures up to more than 1,000 bar, the standardized plunger pump head with integrated suction manifold is used in ChinaFor the purpose of upgrading a refinery a Chinese corporation placed a major order with LEWA (Dalian) Sales Co., Ltd: The oil processing company covers the entire value creation chain of the oil industry, from pumping to transport and even additional processing in refineries. This also includes thermal cracking of hydrocarbons. In this process, raw products are extracted for refinement into plastics, paints and solvents. The...
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04/11/2018 |

Preliminary trade fair report for the Hannover Messe (April 23 – 27, 2018)

Diaphragm metering pump with wide-range speed control enables more flexible adjustment of flow rates in the low-pressure range. Additional exhibits: NIKKISO centrifugal canned motor pump and pulsation/cavitation demonstration stand To provide products with consistently high quality, precisely timed, exact metering of all ingredients is extremely important for manufacturers in the food industry and, in particular, in the pharmaceutical industry. Metering pumps are indispensable for this. They can be controlled with the greatest possible precision regarding the quantity of ingredients and...
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