Sundyne Marelli Plungerpump

horizontal & vertical process pumps

Sundyne-Marelli process pumps in accordance with ISO-13709, API-610. Horizontal series: OH2,BB1, BB2, BB3 and vertical series: VS1, VS2, VS4, VS6.

With flow rates as high as 8,000 m³/h and a wide variety of different pump models, Sundyne-Marelli has a pump that will fit your application.

  • Flow rate up to 8,000 m³/h
  • Head up to 850 m


Technology: Horizontal & vertical process pumps in accordance with API 610

Sundyne-Marelli pumps are used in refineries, petrochemical plants, offshore platforms, the chemical industry, industrial water and wastewater plants and for high-pressure applications.


  • Pumps in accordance with API 610 according to the most recently valid version, with complete compliance with this standard
  • Short delivery times
  • Over 40 years of experience
  • Mechanical seal in accordance with API 682
  • High efficiency due to the tangential assignment of the pump pressure connection
  • Abundant selection of hydraulics
  • Double spirals for pressure flanges over 3" for reducing radial forces
  • Pump housing in process design


  • Single and dual mechanical seals
  • Oil or oil mist
  • External cooling or cooling ribs for the bearing housing
  • Base plates with impounding basin
  • Cooling of the bearing housing with integrated fan
  • Reinforced bearing housing for high suction pressures
  • Heating jackets
  • Materials S-5, S-6, S-8, A-8, C-6, D-1 in accordance with API 610 and special materials
  • Robust shafts for reducing shaft deflection

Technical data

Pump seriesMax. head in [m]Max. flow rate in [m³/h]Max. viscosity in [cSt]Max. temperature in [°C]
KSMK 3502,400200400


  • Washing Systems
  • Butane Transfer 
  • Fuel 
  • Gasification Emergency
  • Feedwater 
  • Condensate Extraction 
  • Solvents
  • Flue Gas Wet Scrubbing 
  • Industrial Waste
  • Feedwater Booster 
  • Filter Backwash 
  • Brine Disposal
  • Cooling Systems 
  • Heater Charge 
  • Snowmaking 
  • Isomerization 
  • Condensate 
  • Gasoline 
  • Chemical Transfer 
  • Crude Oil Transfer 
  • Fine Chemicals 
  • Wastewater Treatment 
  • Chlorine 
  • Inorganic Chemicals 
  • Tank Farm Transfer 
  • River Flows 
  • Irrigation 
  • Seawater Reverse Osmosis SWRO 
  • Bioprocessing 
  • Chlor alkali 
  • Hydrotreating 
  • Ethanol 
  • Light Oils 
  • Agriculture 
  • Waste Processing 
  • Water Cooling 
  • Evaporators


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