HMD/Kontro pumps

HMD/Kontro was first to develop and perfect the magnetic drive for pumping applications over sixty years ago.

They offer exceptional benefits particularly for conveying toxic, aggressive, highly flammable, malodorous, explosive and costly fluids. HMD/Kontro guarantees a high technical standard for this concept and excellent product reliability with a very low cost for maintenance.

HMD Kontro centrifugal pump

HMD Kontro sealless solenoid driven centrifugal pumps

Technology: Sealless solenoid driven centrifugal pumps

HMD Kontro sealless solenoid driven centrifugal pumps are the first choice for handling toxic, aggressive, flammable, hazardous and high-value fluids. Protecting pumping fluid, people and the environment is particularly emphasized here.

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Performance data
Flow rate 626 m³/h
Head 245 m