Autonomous energy supply with LEWA ecoflow diaphragm metering pump

Supplying energy over the power grid is not always possible in research stations, observatories or at production sites in remote areas. It is for this reason that many operators select a form of autonomous energy supply.

For this purpose, LEWA has developed diaphragm metering pumps for fuel skids, which enables conveying different fuels such as diesel or LPG. The compact and reliable ecoflow diaphragm metering pumps ensure a precise and uninterrupted fuel infeed with which autonomous power generation – using gas turbines, for example – can be implemented.

LEWA's expertise in solutions for autonomous energy supply

LEWA ecoflow diaphragm metering pumps offer the following advantages in the realization of an autarkic power supply:

  • The compact diaphragm metering pumps meter both lubricating (diesel) and non-lubricating fuels (LPG).
  • Consideration of the environmental conditions such as temperature, air and weather conditions at designing pumps, skids and systems
  • We can supply instrumentation, controls, and piping to ensure process safety, accurate fuel consumption and high efficiency
  • Overvoltage and overload can be reliably prevented by precise fuel metering.
  • Unique on-site service: Our service staff will travel to the most remote areas in order to maintain and check your pumps or skids, or to train your staff for future maintenance tasks.


LEWA solutions & services for projects in remote regions

LEWA solutions are characterized by the exceptional know-how in the design of pumps, pump skids and systems. Our experts do not only have a huge process and application knowledge, but also developed solutions for various environmental conditions. Whether the Arctic Circle or in the desert – our pumps and systems have to function under various conditions.

We take into account climate, temperature, weather and atmospheric conditions. The smallest change in external influences can bring up significant changes. An engine installed in 2,900 m above the sea level supplies up to 20 percent less power than an engine in 1,000 m. Very high temperatures significantly change the viscosity and flow properties of a fluid and, in extreme cases, even cause cavitation in the pipeline.

Select LEWA as your project partner and take advantage of our exceptional service: Our service personnel will come even to the most remote areas. In case of problems, malfunctions or failures, our technicians take a look on-site and overhaul your machine as quickly as possible. We maintain your machines, make inspections and train your staff for future maintenance tasks on-site.

Wide process know-how, optimal design, highly qualitative solutions, and finally a first-class all-round service – for these quality features, our customers appreciate LEWA. Get in touch with us and convince yourself. We will be happy to assist you!

Independent generation of power

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